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*Singin' the Blues* "Brotha can you spare a dime?"

Ugh! I'm actually broke except for the $10 in my wallet that my mom gave me out of the kindness of her heart. I got paid today at firehouse. It was already a crap pay check because they haven't been giving me any hours. But, whatever. It's money, right? So then I go to the bank, and I already have to deposit $65 into my mom's account to pay her back for the gas I used. I actually owed her $112, but she was being nice 'cuz I could never have afforded it after this paycheck. So I get to the bank, and it turns out a couple things I paid for on my card never went through until yesterday or today, or some crap like that - anyway, they took forever to go through; and with all the courtesy feees they slap on you when you go even a dollar overdrawn, it turns out that I'm suddenly overdrawn by $109. I just about had a heart attack, and a mental break down, because I had been looking foward to my pay check all week. So then I had to still deposit the $65 into my mom's account, and the rest ino my mortally wounded checking. Now I'm $40 overdrawn, and today I stupidly used my card to pay for something that was 50 cents, because I didn't have a dime on me. So I'm sure they're gonna zap me again for $25 more. So then I'll be about $60 overdrawn. So I can't touch my account for two weeks until I get paid again - and even then, that's gonna be a crap pay check, because thy've gotten into this retarded trend at work of only giving me 16 and a half hours a week. They've done that for like the past 4 weeks! AAAHHHH! *pulls at hair in frustration* I'm a full time college student at SCC, so I really don't have the time for the 40 hour week thing. But I told them I need to be getting at least 20 hours a week - and I was getting that at first, but it's like suddenly ther's this new 16 hour trend happening here. But anyway, for two weeks now I have no bank account. *sniffle*

Luckily though, this coming Thursday, (St. Patrick's Day) is the last day of the promotion at work for the Muscular Dystrophy fundraising thing. We've been doing the shamrock thing. The green shamrocks are fot $1, and the gold ones are ffor $5. Whoever sells the most shamrocks by the end of the promotion gets $50. I'd guess that about 70% or maybe even 80% of those shamrocks hanging on the wall are mine. So tthat'll be $50. I won't put it my account though for it to be eaten. I'll take care of that with my next paycheck's money. I've sold way too many shamrocks not to enjoy the $50.

Anyway, I gotta go. My mom wants me to help her clean the house because my grandparents are coming to vist from Tampa tomorrow.

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