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Roberto Benigni Kick

About two weeks ago I was on a Humphrey Bogart kick. Right now, I'm on a Roberto Benigni kick. He is so funny and adorable. We won't talk about Pinnocchio. Hahaha. "In a magical land, where children look like adults....and adults look like....adults......" LOL. That was the lamest excuse ever to have Roberto Benigni play Pinnocchio. I really want to buy Johnny Stecchino, and Son of Pink Panther on DVD. I've already been told though, that the only way I can get my hands on Johnny Stecchino is if I order it off Amazon or something. Nobody has it. That movie is so adorable. He actually directed it too. Much better than Pinnocchio. Those death bunnies were beyond disturbing.

I watched Life is Beautiful at Michelle's house. I truly think that is the saddest movie ever made - and the most beautiful. Roberto Benigni is far from cute, but you've got to admit, he is so romantic. "Buon Giorno Principessa!" I love that. That is so cute. I was really surprised by how much of that movie I could actually understand. It's amazing how much Italian a person can understand if they can already understand Spanish; and visa-versa. Being half Cuban myself, I can say with immunity that all Spanish is, is just butchered up Italian. But Potuguese and French I can't follow at all.
Michelle is borrowing that movie, which means I won't see it for weeks, or maybe a month or two. She never has time to sit down and watch a movie. I can't watch that movie without balling my eyes out. I like to watch the first half of it where he's courting her, and it's all romantic. Once they get to the camp, that's it. I either have to turn it off, or cry my eyes out.

Roberto Benigni has got to play Al, though. Still no one for Cath and Kohl though. poor poor babies. They're just too unique. Although, Kohl could be played by that German looking kid from Never Been Kissed. Cath is another story though.

Gotta go buy some new clothes now. My wardrobe is beyond pathetic.

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