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Nothing really. Just Checking In.

Went to Cracker Barrel today in Lakeland with my grandparents from Tampa. (Dad's parents) It was kind of a belated birthday for my grandma, and an early birthday for my dad's birthday tomorrow. Good food. Cute waiter - real nice.It was Sunday, which means I could break my Lent thing and have some ice cream and chocolate coins. My stomach didn't take too well to the chocolate coins. Cheap waxy things. We took the scenic route on the way back, due to congestion on I 4. Very Southern, and quaint. Too much of Florida is being urbanized. Not cool urbanized. Ugly, constantly under construction urbanized, and so heavily run over by tourists, and people who want to move here, that Florida really isn't Southern anymore, as much as say, Georgia, South Carolina, or any other Southern state. And the parts that are Southern are mainly over run by hicks and boring nothingness. I wanna move somewhere cute, charming, and Southern. I wanna move to Savannah. It was nice to drive throug an area that wasn't bombarded by construction.

Gotta go now, to buy a birthday present for Daddy.

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