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Movie Review: Johnny Stecchino

I rented this movie called Johnny Stecchino, and I highly recomend it. It's all in Italian with English subtitles. Thank God, because I despise anything that's dubbed. It's starring Roberto Benigni, and Nicoletta Braschi, the same woman from Pinnocchio and Life is Beautiful; (who is also his wife, I found out.)

It's about a dopey naive bus driver named Dante (Roberto Benigni), who I belive lives in Tuscany or something like that, who runs into a beautiful woman named Maria, (Nicoletta Braschi) who seems to find him fascinating. It turns out that the reason she finds him so amazing is that he is an exact replica of her husband, (also plyed by Roberto Benigni) Johnny Stecchino, which means Johnny Toothpic - a nick name he earned in America for being so skinny. Johnny Stecchino is a notorious mobster in Sicily who has a hit out on him for accidently killing a rival mobster's wife. So Maria tells Dante that he looks like a Johhny, and that she'll always call him Johnny. Then she convinces him to acccompany her to Palermo, Sicily, where he will unknowingly pose as Johnny Stecchino, and get killed for him, while the real Johnny Stecchino remanins in hiding, waiting to escape to Argentina with his wife. Of course, the real Johnny stecchino is a dick, and not at all like the sweet, playful Dante; as Maria soon discovers for herself.

It's such a cute movie, and it has an adorable ending. It's absolutely hilarious. I highly recomend it. You can rent it at Hollywood Video. Unless you go to the one by Redbug road, and then you have to wait until I return it. I think I'm gonna try to buy it on DVD.
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Something you will never find at blockbuster...It sounds funny maybe I'll check it out sometime. Of course there's only blockbusters and movie galleries up here and you know how wonderful their selections are...

Roberto definetely should play Al...
It is funny. Definately check it out. We'd have to see if he could do an American accent, or else we'd have to make al from Italy or something. lol. but he's definately nerdy and skinny enough. And from watching him play the real Johnny Stecchino, he can do that whole mafioso thing too.
Al being from Italy and having an italian accent would be disturbing. We'd just need to force him to do an american accent. "Do it now bitch!"

Yeah, really disturbing. Not to mention it would ruin his whole back story. No more "Well, back in the war..." *Everyone rolls eyes* hahaha. He'd BETTER do an American accent. Or maybe Roberto Benigni could play Al, and Anthony Lapaglia could dubb over the voice. lol. Picture that. Just give Roberto a good hair piece so he's not balding. hehehe.
Just tell him to keep his fedora on, no one will ever know. lol
Haha! Yeah, he can go to bed with it.