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The Five Day Count-Down

Ha ha ha ha! Monday begins my last 4 days at Lifestyles. I'll mainly be glad to get away from Jim. But I'll be devastated to leave those kids. I've gotten so attatched to them. Ginger's mom almost cried when she heard I was leaving. She's gonna have me babysit Ginners because we're just gonna miss each other way too much. Ginger and I are pals. I'll also really miss Alali and Elin, Gracie (Cindy Lu Hoo) and Jaxon (Santa Clause Jax, not Jackson Schwartz) Loriana, Eric, Christina, Johnathan, Hannan and Mei-Mei, and so many others. I still want to work there as a sub - just so I can see the kids. I'll also miss Yannelly and Jackie. Nelly and I are gonna eat out somewhere on my last day. (You know, I loved this job until Jim came along. It's a crap company anyhow though. It's for the best.)

Well, Michelle Schwartz wants me to stay over from Sunday to Friday 'cause rich is out of town, and the girls are so excited. I gotta pack.

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