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Singing: "And That's How Kim Became: The Nanny."

Well, problem at work solved. I put in my two weeks, and I am officially a "governess" - ha ha ha. Yes, that's right, I'm the Schwartz kids' nanny, so to speak. I just don't live there. (Yeah, that'll be next. lol) Well, they got the new baby that they adopted today. He is sooo beautiful! Michelle wanted to name the baby Joshua David Schwartz, and Rich wanted Hunter Preston Schwartz or something. He said her name was a Rabbi name, and she said his was way too country club yuppy; so they compromised with Hunter David Schwartz. He looks like he could blend in with the family, so I don't think anyone will ever know that he's adopted. He is precious though.

I'm going to make so much more money with this job, so I can sock away some cash in savings for an apartment, finallly. :) I'm so glad I won't have to deal with the pressures of being supervisor anymore. Plus, I adore the Schwartz kids - so I'm more than happy to take this job.

Well, gotta go. Gotta get to bed. Tomorrow is day two of my last two weeks at Lifestyles. I got double shift, and then I gotta make a long trip out to Ocala to see Tiffi. :) I'm so tired, I've gotta catch some zzzzzzzzzzz's.............

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